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Nexa™ U Det  

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Nexa™ U Det is a non-electric initiation system developed to give the greatest possible simplicity in both usage and storage. The system is based on a combination of in-hole detonators and surface connector units. All drill holes in the round are charged with detonators that have the same delay time. The initiation sequence is then determined on the surface by means of delays in the surface connector units. Owing to the uniform delay in the in-hole detonators, there is time enough to initiate all drill holes before any rock movement begins, so that the risk of the Nexa™ tubes breaking or splitting is, in principle, eliminated.

To meet the varying demands on delay times for different kinds of blast, there are 5 different uniform delays for in-hole detonators and 7 different delays for the surface connector units (see table). The in-hole detonators U 400 – U 1000 are fitted with yellow Nexa™ tube as standard. Other colours can be supplied to special order. The Nexa™ Connectadet™ SL surface connector units SnapLine 0 – SnapLine 176 are also fitted with yellow Nexa™ tube.

Nexa™ U Det detonators are designed to provide hole-by-hole initiation sequences in blasting situations where a constant inter-hole delay is required. The in-hole detonator will directly initiate cap sensitive boosters and packaged explosives.

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry, Construction
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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