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Nexa™ Combidet™  

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NexaTM Combidet™ non-electric, surface delay and in-hole detonator assemblies are easy-to-use in sequential blasting applications. Used in pipeline and utility trenching, quarries, open pits and construction projects, NexaTM Combidet™ assemblies are easy to connect, easy to verify, and provide accurate surface and in-hole timing.



· Reduce the number of components on site

· Allow pre-blast changes to pattern design

· Reduce inventory

· Provide excellent blast control

· Allow easy hook-up - increase productivity

· Facilitate rapid hook-up verification

· Reduce chance of ground movement cut-off failures

· Can be used in all weather conditions

· No tangles, no waste

· Reduce operating costs


· Surface and in-hole delays in one unit

· New lower energy design

· Accurately timed

· Quick and simple to connect

· Highly visible 6 tube ergonomic connector design

· Highly visible

· Rugged, with new abrasion resistant tubing

· Resistant to hot or cold conditions

Market: Quarry, Construction
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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