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Orica Mining Services, the largest supplier of commercial explosives and blasting systems, offers a dynamic, diverse and challenging work environment with exceptional career development opportunities. Orica operates a drug and alcohol free environment. 

Central to Orica Mining Services success are its people and culture. At Orica, we have established a high-performance culture that empowers and motivates our people to achieve long-term sustainable results. This is how we go about our business. Orica’s culture is guided by the “Deliver The Promise” principles – four key principles that embody the attitudes, behaviours and ethics that are common to all employees.

The business case for Orica to embrace diversity within a global context is compelling, with an employee base spread across more than 50 countries diversity is essential to Orica’s future success. A formal objective was established by the Orica Board in 2009 and this has helped to guide a strategic approach to enhancing the benefits of diversity across our global business. With a core purpose, clear strategy and strong culture, Orica is well positioned to deliver value to our key stakeholders – our employees, our shareholders, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

Diversity is essential to Orica for a number  of reasons, including:

  • Enhancing long term sustainability by ensuring the Company is able to attract the best employees from the broadest possible pool of global talent;
  • Ensuring the Company has the local knowledge and skills required to lead and support growth in emerging markets;
  • Generating better solutions to problems and greater innovation; and 
  • Enhancing the positive impact the Company has on the communities in which it operates.

By sourcing employees from a wide range of  backgrounds, we benefit from a range of experience, insight and skill. Strategies have been implemented across the Orica Mining Services business to increase workforce participation amongst women in field operations roles.

These include flexible working arrangements and increasing the number, type and availability of roles.