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Orica operational services aim to be the safest, most efficient and reliable supplier of quality blasting products. Enabled by the best people and advanced processes, we apply industry leading technology to help streamline efficiencies and improve productivity.

All delivery systems are specifically tailored to match the scale of the user’s needs and deliver the right product accurately and rapidly time after time.

Our Bulkmaster™ MMU™ has long been at the leading edge of delivery systems technology in the Open Cut mining sector.

Orica offers a wide range of delivery systems designed for any scale of operation, and for both development and production blasting in the Underground environment.

Our advanced operational services deliver explosives more efficiently, reducing the total cost of operation in real terms ($/t) and increasing schedule flexibility.

Open Cut and Quarries

Bulkmaster™ 7 and Flexmaster™ 8 are the latest additions to our fleet of delivery systems. 


Orica’s underground bulk delivery systems are compact, flexible and underpinned by a common technology base with a proven record of reliability and safety. more