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Time by numbers
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Time by numbers  

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The goal of the "time by numbers" approach with eDev™ is to provide blasters with the versatility of full electronic programmability while preserving their tried and trusted methods of operating at the tunnel face.

A blaster may load and program his cut dets one by one, then take, say 20 detonators to the face, set his scanner to number 1, and load 6 detonators into part of the pattern. Then he sets his scanner to number 2 (or, if programmed by SHOTPlus®-T, the scanner shows number 2 automatically) and he loads the next 14 dets into the area he has chosen for number 2, scanning each det as he goes. The scanner assigns times to these dets according to its downloaded program, or according to rules supplied by the blaster. The 2 basic rules are the intershot delay between dets of the same number, and the delay between the last of one number and the first of the next number (or the inter-number delay). The intershot delay within a number-set brings a significant advantage (for little effort by the blaster) namely ensuring single-hole firing of the entire round.