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Carrick II Detonators  

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Carrick II Detonators are low incendive, short delay detonators approved for use in underground coal mines. They are an electric delay detonator, containing a sleeved fusehead, a delay element (except for 0 delay), a priming composition and a Tetryl base charge inside a cylindrical copper shell. A pair of copper leg-wires, covered by PVC insulation, are soldered to the fusehead and crimped into the detonator shell with a PVC closure plug. A tag, indicating the detonator delay number, is attached to one leg-wire. The leg-wires are kept shorted by a twist at a bared section near the free ends. Carrick II Detonators are distributed in Australia by Orica Explosives.

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Market: Underground
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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