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Продукти & Услуги

Продукти & Услуги  

Орика е световен лидер в областта на методите за механизирано зареждане с взривни вещества на сондажи в кариери и мини. Нашата интегрирана система от специалисти, продукти, оборудване и технически услуги по пробивно-взривни работи дава успешни резултати в открития и подземен добив по целия свят. more

Орика майнинг сървисиз в EMEA предлага на своите клиенти в минната и добивната промишленост пълен набор от продукти за иницииране на взривни вещества. more

Explosives are substances which, when subjected to sufficient shock, friction or heat, are rapidly transformed from a solid or liquid state into gas, simultaneously producing extremely high temperatures. The substance is said to detonate, or explode. The rapid transformation produces a powerful shock to the surrounding area, and the high temperatures create high gas pressures. It is these features that allow us to blast through rock and other materials. The speed at which the explosive detonates is referred to as the detonating velocity, and the pressure is known as detonation pressure. The values of these are characteristic of each particular explosive. more

Orica Asia Pacific offers a range of selected Accessories to complement the Initiating Systems and Packaged product offerings and suit market and application requirements.


Electronic Blasting Systems (EBS) are the next revolution in blasting practices and Orica is the world leader. more

This library contains Orica Mining Services published Conference Papers and Case Studies in downloadable PDF format. more