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eDev™ Basic Operations
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eDev™ Basic Operations  

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eDev Basic OperationsThe preparation for blasting with eDev™ is made easier and quicker with the use of eDev™’s exclusive SHOTPlus®-T software. The round is designed using SHOTPlus®-T and the timings downloaded into the scanner using either detailed hole-by-hole timing or eDev™’s unique “timing by numbers” feature which enables blasting crews to load the eDev™ detonators in much the same way and time as they currently do with pyrotechnic detonators.

The detonators will usually be scanned as they are charged into the holes, but scanning can be done at any convenient time. After the blast has been charged and stemmed, each detonator is connected to the surface harness wire by its insulation-displacement connector. Once all detonators are connected, the resulting wiring network can be tested for full integrity with the inherently safe, hand held Network Tester.

To fire the blast the blast area must be cleared. Then at a place of safety the Blast Box is connected to the detonator network with the use of a firing cable. All detonator ID’s and assigned times that are stored in the Scanner’s memory are down-loaded to the Blast Box via a Bluetooth wireless connection. Each detonator is then powered up and programmed with its firing time according to its ID. The Blast Box will report back the details of any detonators that are not communicating properly. Once all detonators have been programmed and all detonators have confirmed their presence, the blast can then be fired – with the confidence that all detonators will initiate and in the right sequence.