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eDev OverviewThe eDev™ system is an electronic blasting system specifically designed for tunneling; providing the accuracy and flexibility of electronic timing at a reasonable price with rapid and easy operations at the tunnel face.

The new "time by numbers" feature and SHOTPlus®-T software allows blasters to operate in a familiar way with the great convenience of all detonators being the same. eDev™ offers the users significant reduction in inventory logistics and costs.

Electronic timing has been shown to drastically reduce vibration in tunnels, allowing as much as twice the mass of explosive per delay or per hole. This can lead to great increases in advance per round.

Advance per round is also improved simply due to (a) better accuracy (b) a wider choice of delay schemes, and (c) guaranteed in-sequence firing.

In some circumstances overbreak control – limiting the amount of material to be hauled and / or limiting the amount of concrete lining needed, can be the most significant benefit.

eDev™ was released from alpha testing in January 2009 and is available for commercial use under beta testing conditions.

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