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Flexigel™ Control  

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The Flexigel™ Control system is part of Orica’s bulk explosives family of products. It comprises products designed for blasting in wet, dewatered and dry blasthole applications and delivers the greatest range of potential bulk explosive densities. 

The Flexigel™ Control range provides capability to better match ground conditions to explosive performance. Flexigel™ Control can also be used alone or in conjunction with Orica’s Fortan™ and Fortis™ products to provide improved blasting results by distributing energy across the full blasthole column. Flexigel™ Control can be used in conjunction with Orica’s blasting expertise to reduce vibration associated with blasting operations in environmentally sensitive areas and for cautious blasting for final walls. 

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal
Product Type: Bulk Systems

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