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Exel Handidet  

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This is a detonator made up of two capsules and a non-electric tube. One of the capsules is used on the surface to initiate non-electric tubes, while the other is used in the interior of the holes as to initiate boosters as to packaged explosives.

The Exel™ Handidet non-electric detonators have 4 main components:

  • A low-power capsule (Force 1) assembled in the interior of a surface connector, designed to initiate up to six tubes.
  • A Force 12 capsule, which purpose is to initiate the explosive load inside the borehole. 
  • An orange shock tube, component that conveys the signal to the delay capsule. When the tube is initiated, it   transmits through the interior a low-energy shock wave, which initiates the delays in both capsules.
  • Delay label, element that indicates the nominal delay time of both capsules and the detonator length.

The Exel™ Handidet detonator is used in open pit blast.  This product is designed to be utilized along with Exel™ Conectadet. 

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Quarry
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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