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Exel MS  

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Corresponds to a series of high-power non-electric detonators with delay intervals of milliseconds between the subsequent initiations. 

Exel™ MS non-electric detonators have 4 main components:

  • An aluminum capsule, which includes a primary load of explosives, a secondary load and a delay series.
  • An orange shock tube, which conveys the signal to the delay capsule. When the tube is initiated, it transmits through the interior a low-energy shock wave, which initiates the delay mixes. This signal can run along the interior of the tube without affecting any explosive agent or any other accessory in direct contact.
  • A delay label indicating the MS serial number and the range of nominal time corresponding to each detonator.
  • J connector, a device that joins the non-electric tube to the trunk line of the detonating cord.

Suitable for use in Open Pit and Undergroung mining.

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry, Construction
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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