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Osx™ 8Z  

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The Osx 8 small and large format range contains detonator sensitive cast Pentolite explosives available in degradable and non degradable form.  

The combination of degradable plastic components and a degrading agent addresses the safety, security and environmental concerns encountered in seismic exploration.

The Osx™ 8 range includes:

  • Osx™ 8 Z Standard (Non Degradable) 
  • Osx™ 8 Z D12 Degradable 
  • Osx™ 8 L Standard (Non Degradable)* 
  • Osx™ 8 L D12 Degradable* 

* Osx™ 8L refers to an aluminised Pentolite composition and is only available for the large format (0.5 kg and above).


Market: Seismic
Product Type: Osx™

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