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eDev™ II - System Configurations
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eDev™ II - System Configurations  

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Converting to the eDev™ II and other Next Generation systems has been made more efficient with software upgrades ensuring no current hardware is obsolete.

Blast Box 610/610C
The Blast Box provides the voltage and command to fire the detonators in programmed sequence. The current Blast Box 610 is a standalone box for firing eDev™ blasts via a wired connection to the detonators. It can be upgraded to eDev™ II by a firmware change. The new Blast Box 610C does not function as a standalone box. It must be integrated into an i-kon™ CEBS system (for centralised blasting in underground mines) and can only be used with eDev™ II detonators.

Scanner 260 
A Scanner 260 reads the unique ID numbers on the detonator flag tags, and downloads the detonator list via Bluetooth® to the Blast Box 610/610C. The Scanner 260 can be upgraded to new firmware changes via USB Memory Stick downloads.  The Scanner offers inherently safe testing by communicating with and testing the eDev™ II detonators at the face after the scanning process.

Blast Box 610/610C
The Blast Box provides the voltage and command to fire the detonators in programmed sequence.

Scanner 260
The Next Generation Scanner 260 scans unique ID numbers on the detonators and allows the functionality of each detonator on the face to be tested in a single operation after the face has been connected up.

NOTE: The eDev™ II Test Box and the Scanner 260 are not inherently safe when used with previous generation eDev™ detonators and must therefore be used only with eDev™ II detonators.

Standard items

eDev™ II Detonator
Accurate and fully programmable electronic detonator.

Duplex Harness Wire
Faster and easier to use, the duplex wire connects detonators with the Blast Box.

eDev™ II Connector
Designed for at-face efficiency, the new connector carries signals between the detonator and the harness wire.

Blast Design Software
Orica's SHOTPlus™ Blast Design Software produces printed blast plans, useful at the face with the eDev™ II system.

B3000 Blast Box
The i-kon™ CEBS (Centralised Electronic Blasting System) allows underground mining operations to initiate eDev™ II and i-kon™ electronic detonator blasts remotely, from a convenient and safe control point usually on the surface. This is accomplished by initiating the blast via Orica's new B3000 Central firing system communicating through a BB 610C Blast Box connected to the eDev™ II round.