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Osx™ 5  

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Osx™ 5 is a packaged detonator sensitive emulsion explosive designed specifically for seismic exploration. It is available in degradable and non degradable form. In degradable products, degradation technology transforms the emulsion explosive to non-explosive chemicals.

The product is packaged in rigid plastic shells to withstand the toughest loading situations. A unique proprietary detonator insertion method minimizes detonator wire exposure reducing misfire risk. Osx™ 5 is available with specially designed marsh anchor accessories.

Products in the Osx 5 range include:

  • Osx™ 5 Standard
  • Osx™ 5 D3 Degradable
  • Osx™ 5 D12 Degradable


Marché: Seismic
Type de produit: Osx

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