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eDev II - A shift in Performance
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eDev II - A shift in Performance  

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eDev™ II features greater safety, greater reliability, greater efficiency and greater performance.

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    Greater safety

    Safety is the number one priority at Orica. All of our electronic detonators have several safety features that are inherent in the design of the product including spark gaps, input and bleed resistors, and the chip itself. 

    The eDev™ II system offers the following design safety improvements in handling:

    • Dual voltage ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) allows inherently safe at-face test-ability.
    • Dual voltage modes of operation allows for higher energy fuse. 
    • Very high resistance to initiation by extraneous electrical energy (based on simulated lightning studies).
    • Reduced misfires due to increased reliability.
    • eDev™ II can be integrated with i-kon™ CEBS (Centralised Electronic Blasting System). The CEBS system can be used to ensure easy and centralised remote blasting from a convenient and safe control point.

    Blasting with Orica’s electronic detonators can also deliver valuable safety outcomes – not only in application, but via over-break control giving better and safer side walls and hanging walls.


    Greater reliability

    Our state-of-the-art automated facility in Brownsburg, Canada has been built with a specific purpose – making the most reliable Electronic Blasting Systems possible.

    In our new manufacturing process, we are striving for six sigma reliability – setting a new target for consistency and performance.

    In addition to these manufacturing capabilities, eDev™ II has the following improvements in reliability:

    • Aerospace development partner for ASIC and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to achieve reliability by design.
    • Pre-packaged ASIC for more reliable bonding to the board.
    • State-of-the-art stress testing of PCB to segregate weak units.
    • Five times stronger communication-back signal from detonator to Tester or Blast Box.
    • Sophisticated software-driven communication algorithms.
    • A large range of detonator IDs, virtually eliminating the chance of duplicate IDs on a blast pattern.

    New, more sophisticated ASIC on PC boards.

    Automated manufacturing at Brownsburg, Canada.

    Greater efficiency

    To make blasting with eDev™ II even more efficient, we canvassed our field experts and customers worldwide to assess what users valued most.

    A significant new feature of the eDev™ II is at-face testability. This ensures greater operational efficiency by giving you the opportunity to test the wiring network, and correct errors at the face, before the working area is cleared and guarded.

    This reduces delays before blast time and ensures you can use your equipment and resources more effectively.

    Importantly, you’ll experience an efficient upgrade to our Next Generation as none of your existing hardware becomes obsolete.

    Other features to improve efficiency include:

    • Load by Numbers technique offers a step change in face loading efficiency for underground blasters. You can now design blasts using the SHOTPlus™-T blast design software to specify the millisecond delays required between delay numbers and within delay numbers. With eDev™ II and its ‘Load by Numbers’ system, every box of detonators is filled with identical detonators that are not individually numbered. You simply load any detonator into any hole and the process of barcode scanning ensures that the appropriate firing sequence meets the specified blast design. It is easy to learn and apply by blast crew.
    • eDev™ II detonators are delivered as a single-item per wire length. That means a much easier inventory system not having to stock delays and the ability to save time at the face.
    • Faster blast programming time and faster hook-up on blast day via a new connector and duplex harness wire.
    • Improved packaging – stronger box will survive humid storage conditions better.

    Glove friendly connectors are more efficient.

    Barcode scanning of eDev™ II detonators.

    Greater performance

    eDev™ II  now offers a range of new features to drive greater precision and performance.

    • Multiple heading blasting can be achieved due to the increased maximum delay time and increased precision of the eDev™ II detonator, as well as the multiple heading firmware within the new eDev™ II scanners. This is a strong feature for operations that look to achieve a lateral heading for infrastructure such as an electrical substation or vehicle storage area.
    • eDev™ II allows for a much greater range of blast sizes, ensuring the blaster can optimise operations and accommodate a greater variety of tunnel sizes.
    • Fully programmable in one millisecond steps means thousands of potential delay times can be programmed for each detonator – offering the flexibility and precision to achieve challenging blast outcomes.
    • Guaranteed single shot firing and greater precision of delay (0.01% coefficient variation) ensures in‑sequence firing even at the longest delays.

    Managing blast vibration whilst increasing tunnel advance rates

    Case Study


    Toyota City is located in north-central Aichi Prefecture, Japan. 
    With some low lying areas of Toyota City prone to flooding, Kajima Corporation were contracted to excavate the Anei River tunnel to increase drainage capacity. With granite rock too hard for excavation, blasting was the obvious solution however, the tunnel ran directly beneath a residential area.
    Orica proposed the use of the eDev™ II Electronic Blasting System combined with Orica’s SHOTPlus™ T software for design, modelling and vibration analysis. The Multi Deck Blasting technique was also used to allow Kajima to blast through the most sensitive areas of the project with half the amount of blasts that might have been required using the conventional blasting technique, minimizing delays to both neighbours and construction activities, wiping months off the project’s critical path.


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