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Delivering Solutions  

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The i-kon™ II system is designed to achieve better outcomes for customers in
surface and underground operations. These outcomes can be further enhanced
when used in combination with Orica's range of blasting products and tailored
services. Select from the below for more information on the improvements that
matter most to you.

Operational productivity

Greater timing precision for fragmentation improvement.

Fragmentation improvement - Greater timing precision allows for even more precise control of shock waves to improve fragmentation.

Wall control - Precision timing enables greater control, improving highwall stability in final limits blasting.

Minimise coal loss - Precision timing, longer maximum delay and the programmability of i-kon™ detonators drives improved results with Stratablast™ applications.

Muckpile shaping - Precision timing and programmability allows you to more accurately move the rock, where you want it.

Reduced cost of drill and blast

More accurate timing and greater maximum delays improve coal recovery.

Operational efficiency - New connector, duplex harness wire, Logger dock and three times faster programming time enables greater efficiencies on bench.

Risk management

New connector allows for an easier and quicker hook up in all conditions.

Vibration control - Precision timing enables more accurate management of vibration control.

Improved mine safety - The i-kon™ CEBS unit allows surface and underground mining operations to detonate blasts from a convenient and safe control point. Dual voltage technology allows all operations on the blast pattern to be at an inherently safe low voltage.