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System Components
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System Components  

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Converting to the i-kon™II system has been made more efficient with software upgrades, ensuring no current hardware is obsolete

Blaster 400 and 2400S/2400R
The Blaster provides the voltage and command to fire the detonators in programmed sequence and can be upgraded via a firmware change only. The Blaster 2400R is designed for remote firing and is to be used with i-kon™ SURBS

i-kon™ Logger
The current Logger can be upgraded via a firmware change to accept i-kon™ II detonators.

i-kon™ II Detonator
Accurate and fully programmable electronic detonator in toughened shell.

Duplex Harness Wire
Faster and easier to use, the duplex wire connects detonators with the Blaster

i-kon™ II Connector
Designed for on-bench efficiency, the new connector carries signals between the detonator and the harness wire.

SHOTPlus™ 5 Blast Design Software
Orica's SHOTPlus™ 5 Blast Design Software downloads blast plans to the i-kon™ II Loggers.

i-kon™ CEBS
The i-kon™ CEBS (Centralized Electronic Blasting System) allows surface and underground mining operations to initiate eDev™II and i-kon™ electronic detonator blasts remotely, from a convenient and safe control point.

i-kon™ SURBS
A component of the i-kon™ SURBS (Surface Remote Blasting System) which allows the initiation of surface blasts from a safe line-ofsight location. Also pictured is the i-kon™ dongle, a feature of all Remote Blasters, required to enable encrypted communications between i-kon™ blast control hardware, thus conveying improved security.