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eDev™ II Electronic Detonator  

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All of our electronic detonators have multiple safety features that are inherent in the design of the product including spark gaps, input and bleed resistors, and the chip itself.

The eDev™ II detonator offers:

  • A large range of ID’s, virtually eliminating the chance of duplicate ID’s on a blast pattern.
  • Fully programmable in one millisecond steps, offering the flexibility and precision to achieve challenging blast outcomes.
  • Guaranteed single shot firing and greater precision of delay (0.01% coefficient variation) ensures in‑sequence firing even at the longest delays.
  • Dual voltage ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) within the detonator.
  • eDev™ II detonators are delivered as a single item per wire length, streamlining inventory and saving time at the face.

Market: Underground, Tunnelling and Underground Construction
Product Type: eDev™ II

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