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When a customer buys a bulk explosive what they’re really buying is chemical energy – energy to change the size of the rock mass and move it.

Orica’s extensive range of Bulk Systems offer the broadest range of energy globally. With products ranging from less than half, to almost triple the Relative Bulk Strength of ANFO, alongside increased flexibility in Velocity of Detonation, our Bulk Systems offer customers greater choice and unprecedented control of blasting outcomes.

But how do you choose the Bulk System that’s right for the specific geology and unique needs of your operation?
That’s where EnergyMap™ can help. EnergyMap™ is a tool that walks customers through the process of determining the amount of energy they need, and the best Bulk Systems to deliver that energy, based on their specific site requirements.

Whether you’re mining waste, and just want to make the rock small enough to fit efficiently within a bucket, presplitting to protect your walls, or producing rock to feed the mill, EnergyMap™ can help determine the right product for the optimum result.

To see how, contact your local Orica representative today.