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Packaged Explosives

Packaged Explosives  

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Orica Mining Services offers a wide range of Packaged Emulsion and NG based explosive dynamites products for the Mining, Quarry and Construction Industry.

Our Packaged Products are designed for a wide range of applications in surface as well as in underground production blasting, in driving of tunnels and in demolition blasting. From soft, ductile to tough, hard rock properties.

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ПродукцияОписаниеОбласть примененияПаспорт безопасности продукцииТаблица технических характеристик продукцииПодписаться
Eurodyn™ 2000   NG (cartridge) Подземные работы, Открытые работы, Quarry & Construction Скачать
Exan™   Packaged ANFO type explosive. Mixture of Ammonium nitrate and Fuel Oil Подземные работы, Quarry, Construction, Открытые работы Скачать
Senatel™ Powerfrag™   Патронированное эмульсионное ВВ Подземные работы, Quarry, Открытые работы Скачать