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Subtek™ Eclipse™  

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Subtek™ Eclipse™ has been specifically designed to meet the needs of underground mines with mildly reactive ground. Subtek™ Eclipse™ is a primer sensitive bulk emulsion explosive which has the appearance of an opaque fluid. It is similar in viscosity to heavy grease. Subtek™ Eclipse™ has excellent water resistance as an inherent characteristic of the emulsion structure.

Subtek™ Eclipse™ is delivered at the blast site from an Orica designed underground pumping unit. This comprises a pre-sensitised emulsion to deliver the water resistant explosive product into the blasthole. Subtek™ Eclipse™ is specifically designed for use in upholes, and is also suitable for downholes and development headings. Incorrect application of this product may result in elevated levels of undesirable post blast fume.

Market: Underground
Product Type: Bulk Systems

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