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The electric detonator Dynadet™-C2 range includes different delay series and serves to initiate commercial explosives.

Dynadet™-C2-25ms detonators are manufactured in Gyttorp, Sweden (SE001) and use the NPED technology (Non Primary Explosives Detonator). NPED detonators use a patented deflagration to detonation process and therefore do not need primary explosives for initiation of the base charge. The detonator is free of lead acide and provides the highest degree of safety against impact during handling.

The delay series offers 20 intervals and provide flexibility to control the firing sequence.

The detonators are delivered with an attached connecting sleeve for simple and safe coupling. The insulation on the detonator leads is made of polyethylene providing good resistance against friction and cutting damage while being environmentally friendly.

Dynadet™-C2-25ms are used for the initiation of commercial explosives in quarrying and construction works.

Market: Underground, Surface, Quarry & Construction
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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