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i-kon™ II Detonator  

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All of our electronic detonators have multiple safety features that are inherent in the design of the product including spark gaps, input and bleed resistors, and the chip itself.

The i-kon™ II detonator features:

  • A superior copper zinc shell which reduces failure due to dynamic shock in the hole.
  • Improved timing precision by a factor of two from 0.01% to 0.005%, reducing the chance of firing out of order and increasing the ability to exactly control when the detonators will detonate.
  • An increase in maximum delay time from 15 to 30 seconds allowing very different types of blasting to be designed – both in large underground and more sophisticated surface mining.
  • Improved timing precision enabling much longer delays while retaining individual hole timing.

Mercado Minas de carbón a cielo abierto, Open Cut Metal, Mina de interior
Tipo de Producto i-kon™ II

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