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Pentex™ 25  

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PentexTM 25 is a NG-free, small-hole booster. It is intended mainly for use in tunnel rounds, since it is suitable for use with modern charging equipment using ExanTM or bulk emulsions such as Subtek™ and Civec™.

PentexTM 25 consists of a plastic shell filled with a PETN - based plastic explosive. The PETN gives the product more energy and a higher and more even detonation velocity compared with conventional dynamites. Since PentexTM 25 does not contain nitroglycerin, it does not cause the headaches associated with the handling of NG products, especially on skin contact.

PentexTM 25 makes charging work easier, for it contributes to quick and efficient handling. The detonator is inserted into the booster quickly and easily. The booster is then inserted into the charging hose to be deposited at the bottom of the hole during the actual charging sequence.

Key benefits:

·       Very high detonation rate

·       Very high density

·       Modified detonator well secures the detonator within the booster

·       Safe and simple handling

·       No additional tool necessary

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