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Sistemas de Voladura con Iniciación Electrónica

Sistemas de Voladura con Iniciación Electrónica  

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Electronic Blasting Systems (EBS) are the next revolution in blasting practices and Orica is the world leader.

The electronic timing module at the heart of EBS offers up to 1000x greater accuracy and significantly greater timing flexibility than traditional pyrotechnics. This equals greater control of energy and, in the right hands, significant productivity gains through; optimum fragmentation, tailored muckpiles, predictable vibration, larger blasts, steeper highwalls, and less overbreak.

Combine these benefits with reduced inventory, greater security and more safety features and you can see why the industry is changing to EBS. Orica has developed a suite of EBS products applicable to most blasting applications.

i-kon™ III

Live the i-kon™ III experience and unlock value for your business. Complete more blasts within the firing window with minimal set-up and equipment. Maximize production by blasting more locations Underground or over larger distances in Open Cut. more