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SEB Course

SEB Course  

International Safe & Efficient Blasting Course & Mining Tour

Sweden 18 May - 30 May 2019

Download invitation here:
SEB Course 2019_final.pdf

Dear Reader,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in Orica’s annual International Safe & Efficient Blasting Course (SEB Course) to be held in Sweden in May 2019.   

The International SEB Course is an extended version of Orica’s renowned blast design course for blasting engineers, shotfirers and people who manage blasting operations.  The course includes topics on explosive performance, explosive selection, initiation systems, blast design, blast optimisation and managing environmental effects of blasting.  The international course is held across several venues and includes a visit to Orica’s Gyttorp manufacturing plant and extra practical sessions in the factory grounds.  

This year for the first time the International Course will include parallel sessions covering topics specific to surface and underground blasting. This gives participants the flexibility to choose the course of their interest.

As in previous years, the course program includes an optional visit to the world-class LKAB and Aitik mines in northern Sweden. 

The SEB Course is designed to help participants make better blast design decisions by understanding the impact of their choices on their blasting objectives and constraints.  The course will introduce some of the latest technologies and blasting techniques. Facts about the characteristics and applications of explosives and initiation systems as well as modelling and measurement techniques for both surface and underground operations are included. We feel confident that you will benefit from and appreciate your training in Sweden, both from a professional and social point of view. 

Best wishes,

Ingemar Haslinger

Country Manager Sweden


Program 1: 18 May- 27 may
* Principles of Blasting & Rock Breaking.
* Visit to Initiation Systems Plant Gyttorp
* Pyrotechnic Initiation System Demonstration
* SHOTPlus™ Blasting Software
* Electronic Blasting Systems
* And much more!
Program 2 Mining Tour: 27 May – 30 May
* Visit to LKAB Malmberget Mine
* Visit to LKAB Kiruna Mine

* Visit to Boliden's mine Aitik


For more information, please Contact
Kristina Json Karlsson
+46 0587 853 67