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Drone training

Drone training  



As the world’s leader in blasting and productivity solutions and the largest provider of commercial explosives. Providing mining, quarrying, oil and gas, and construction industries with these powerful devices requires highly trained and skilled workers. And perhaps most importantly, they know the need for accurate data.

Following recent training, a team of Orica specialists in the UK now have a powerful new tool in their arsenal - drones.

Training with Consortiq, this special group of people achieved UK certifications in both General Visual Line of Certificate (GVC) and A2 Certificate of Competency (A2CofC). With these qualifications in hand, this regulated training bolsters their capabilities within the global market.

Team members flying the latest drone and using RTK equipment.

The team of specialists chosen for this project come from mixed backgrounds – crucial for this industry. Hailing from a variety of fields, each one combines their own area of expertise to develop the right solution for the client. Comprised of an explosives engineer, senior specialist engineer, and a digital product lead, those selected and trained are now poised to lead this innovative process throughout the UK market.

Stephen Barnett, Senior Specialist Engineer at Orica, welcomed this positive step into the drone industry, “Orica had been providing solutions to other regions of the world across a broad spectrum of industries, utilizing drone technology in conjunction with our Digital technology for some time now, so we are well placed to bring that knowledge into the UK. And are looking forward to passing the benefits onto our customers across all the industries we supply.” 

Training with Consortiq enables the team to capture powerful data through new means, all while improving efficiencies. Previously, traditional methods took far longer, requiring multiple visits to each site. And in situations like these, time is money.

The Benefits

When it comes to blasting with explosives, getting the right information is everything. With drones now at their disposal, real-time data will provide accurate profiles of quarry faces, which can be imported into Orica’s own advanced blast design software, SHOTPlus.
 Orica’s Specialist Drone Team.

By partnering with Propelleraero and using the latest real-time kinetic equipment and technology, Orica can now deliver an end-to-end solution for any quarry, oil and gas, or construction site including:

-                 Blast Design

-                 Short term blast block planning for quarries

-                 Videography

-                 Stockpile surveys and reports

-                 Excavated volumes reconciliation.

-                 Fragmentation analysis

These efficiencies are specifically driven by the usage of drones, and the usable data that is captured. Using the profiles of quarry faces, accurate measurements through orthophotos, digital elevation models, and textured 3D models, a complete picture of the worksite is safely achieved. All these data outputs are used to help site planning and earthwork logistics, before and after each blast. With innovative solutions like these, Orica is sure to maintain its status for years to come.
 A site survey, using 2D orthophoto capture technique and 3D mesh modeling.
This produces an incredible 3D visualization of the site.

As a final thought, Lee Barfoot, Consortiq’s commercial manager in the UK, states, “It’s been fantastic to work with Orica UK! Within just a few days they have added a new capability that Orica UK can now use with their clients, in-turn, adding significant value to their product portfolio.”

Consortiq strives to provide the best drones services possible and are proud to be part of our customers’ journey. As drones prove themselves as an invaluable solution across countless industries, the future is limitless.

Whether it is a 3D scan, a digital twin, asset allocation, or progress information, drones offer unique solutions to keep your project running smooth. The economic benefits of the technology are simply too beneficial to pass up.

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