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Powergel™ 801  

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Powergel 801 is a high strength, robust detonator sensitiveemulsion explosive. The explosive is grey in colour with afirm putty-like consistency. It is packaged in plastic film withwire clips.

Powergel 801 is a water resistant packaged explosivedesigned to deliver high energy. It can be used in bothpriming applications and as a high density column explosive.

Powergel 801 cartridges are packaged in plastic film, whichreadily splits during tamping to maximize coupling and bulkstrength within a blasthole.The high resistance of Powergel 801 to dynamicdesensitization makes it the preferred explosive for use intunneling, shaft sinking and other extreme blastingenvironments.

Market: Underground
Product Type: Packaged Explosives

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