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i-kon™ CEBS

i-kon™ CEBS  

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Centralised Electronic Blasting for greater safety and productivity.

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CEBS Animation

i-kon™ CEBS is a Centralised Electronic Blasting System which allows underground mining operations to initiate their electronic detonator blasts remotely, from a convenient and safe control point usually on the surface. i-kon™ CEBS is now available to be used with i-kon™ II and eDev™ II enabling operations to maximise productivity by initiating both production and development blasts on the same firing line.

 Greater safety

  • The remote blasting capability provided by CEBS eliminates the safety risk of initiating blasts from underground as all blasts can be fired from a safe surface location
  • Multiple levels of safety and security including physical keys to turn on hardware, Smart Dongle, Master Dongle and CEBS software password reduces the risk of unauthorised operation of the system.

Greater productivity

  • Integration with i-kon™ II and eDev™ II enables underground mining operations to fire production shots and development headings on the same firing line, minimising the number of blast evacuations required.
  • i-kon™ CEBS has a capacity up to 800 detonators with eDev™ II and 2400 detonators with i-kon™ II.
  • Two way communication reports on detonator and system status during the programming sequence prior to firing. If enabled the system will generate a vibration trace post blast to confirm a successful firing.

System compatibility

The i-kon™ CEBS system is used in conjunction with standard i-kon™ II and/or eDev™ II systems.

Depending on the communication systems available on site, i-kon™ CEBS is compatible with analogue telephone networks, LAN and wireless LAN (WLAN) networks, and leaky feeder systems, reducing the need for capital investment in additional infrastructure networks. 

System components

The i-kon™ CEBS System consists of:

  • i-kon™ Remote Blast Box (“Slave”)
  • i-kon™ Lock Box (“Master”)
  • CEBS software