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Packaged Explosives

Packaged Explosives  

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Orica offers the widest range of globally consistent, high quality Packaged Explosives to the mining, quarrying and construction sectors. Our extensive range gives customers access to the very best in product performance – whatever their application, wherever they operate.

With excellent shock and heave energy, Orica’s Packaged Explosives are safe, easy to use and reliable.

Orica’s Packaged Explosive product range is comprised of: Senatel™, Fortel™, Apex™, Amex™, Impact™, Simex™, Powergel™ and Eurodyn™.

They are manufactured in our world-class production facilities strategically located around the world, backed up by an integrated supply chain.

This means customers can have the confidence that their Packaged Explosives needs will be delivered, when and where they need them.


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Fortel™ Plus 65   Некапсюлечувствительные патронированные эмульсионные ВВ Quarry, Construction Скачать
Senatel™ Magnum™   надежные, высокоэффективные капсюлечувствительные взрывчатые вещества Tunnelling and Underground Construction Скачать
Senatel™ Powerfrag™   надежные, высокоэффективные капсюлечувствительные взрывчатые вещества Подземные работы, Quarry, Surface Скачать
Senatel™ Powersplit™   Detonator sensitive Packaged emulsion Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Подземные работы, Quarry, Construction, Tunnelling and Underground Construction Скачать Скачать