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Initiating Systems
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Initiating Systems  

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Orica manufactures and distributes the widest range of Initiating Systems around the globe. Whether for general or niche applications, Orica offers customers a choice of products to meet their specific operational needs.

Orica Initiating Systems provide the highest level of safety, reliability and ease of use. They’re backed up by a global network of manufacturing and assembly plants to ensure reliable supplies through multiple supply points.

Orica’s extensive range of Initiating Systems includes Exel™ conventional electric detonators and non electric detonators, Cordtex™ detonating cord and Pentex™ boosters.

Complementing Orica’s Bulk Systems and Packaged Explosives products, these products are suitable for application in surface and underground mining, construction, quarrying and tunnelling applications.

Customers benefit from the convenience of procuring all of their Initiating Systems needs from the one supplier, with the peace of mind that comes from a single point of accountability.

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Cordtex™ Detonating Cord   Resistant and flexible detonating cord, comprising an explosive core of PETN contained within a spiral of natural or synthetic fibres, plastic sheathing and tapes. Open Cut Coal, Underground, Quarry Download Download
Electric Instantaneous II Detonator   Electric Instantaneous II Detonators are rated as 8* Strength. Underground, Construction Download Download
Exel™ Connectadet™   Signal tube based detonators designed to control the millisecond delay sequence from hole to hole Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry Download Download
Exel™ Connectaline™   Reel-off signal tube system for initiation of blasts. Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Quarry Download Download
Exel™ Long Period Detonators   Series of high strength non-electric detonators Underground Download
Exel™ Millisecond Detonators   high strength non-electric detonators with millisecond (MS) delay intervals Underground, Quarry Download
Pentex™ PowerPlus™ P (PPP) Booster   Booster made from a high explosive composition cast into a cylindrical cardboard shell (400g) Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry Download Download