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Orica Mining Services is pleased to hear from interested members of the media, industry and community. We aim towards open communication with all our stakeholders in the spirit of the Power of Partnership.

To view news releases, click on a year in the ‘Archives’ section.

Media contacts for our various regional operations can be found below, or for other general enquiries visit the Contact Us page on your regional Orica Mining Services website (to find your regional website, visit the global website and select a region).

All Corporate Mining Services & Asia Pacific Media Enquires contact:
James Lawrence- Global Customer Communications Team Manager
Phone: 61 2 49395192 Fax: 61 2 49395193

All Australia Asia Media Enquires contact:
Simone McNamara - Customer Communications Co-ordinator
Phone: 61 2 49395194 Fax: 61 2 49395193

All North American Media Enquires contact:
Lori Meyer - Customer Communicatoins Co-ordinator
Phone: +1 303 268 5211 Fax: +1 303 268 5257

All Latin American Media Enquires contact:
Silvia Sales- Customer Communications Supervisor
Phone: 56 2 27153837

All Europe, Middle East and Africa Enquires contact:
Thor Andersen- Customer Communications Co- ordinator