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With new features and improved functionality the i-kon™ II system enables even more accurate blasts, whilst improving handling and operational efficiency.

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    Greater precision

    • Timing precision has improved by a factor of two from 0.01% to 0.005%, reducing the chance of firing out of order and increasing the ability to control exactly when the detonators will detonate.
    • An increase in maximum delay time from 15 to 30 seconds allows very different types of blasting to be designed – both in large underground and more sophisticated surface mining.
    • Improved timing precision enables these much longer delays while retaining individual hole timing.

    Greater reliability

    • Stronger back-signal (as compared to i-kon™) means the detonator is able to overcome more capacitance on the line.
    • ASIC and PCB developed in conjunction with an Aerospace partner that normally develops chips for satellite and space exploration equipment, to achieve reliability by design.

    Greater convenience and efficiency

    • The new connector features two harness wire slots enabling splicing and connections to other legwires.
    • A Logger dock makes pre-logging quicker and easier with no need to open the connector.
    • The duplex harness wire features a single wire, single slot, increasing the speed at which the blast crew can connect up the detonators.
    • Wire length encoded in ID number. This is beneficial in decked blasts as it helps the user ensure which deck is being logged.
    • Faster programming reduces programming time per Logger from approximately 5 minutes to less than 2 minutes.

    The new glove-friendly connector is easier to use.