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Exel™ Handidet™ SL "Neo"  

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Exel™ Handidet™ SL is a ready-to-use combined detonator and delay unit consisting of an in-hole detonator on one end of a shock tube and a surface connection block with delayed detonator on the other end. It offers a fast and simple alternative to the traditional method of manually combining single in-hole detonators with separate surface connectors for nonelectric sequential blasting in open pit mines, quarries, pipeline & utility trenching and other construction projects.
Neo is Orica’s brand for environmentally friendly, sustainable initiation systems products. For the range of Exel™ detonators out of Gyttorp, Neo implies that all non-electric detonators are manufactured based on a lead free formulation.
Exel™ Handidet ™ SL detonators from Orica Sweden use the NPED (Non Primary Explosives Detonator) technology and are therefore free of lead azide, with Exel™ also free of any other lead compounds in the pyrotechnic delay compositions or within the detonator. 

Market: Open Cut Coal
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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