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Exel™ LP "Neo"  

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Exel™ LP detonators are a series of full strength non-electric detonators with long period (LP) delay intervals between successive firing times. Exel™ LP detonator assemblies
consist of a non-electric detonator and a length of yellow Exel™ signal tube. The Exel™ signal tube is a high strength, high abrasion resistant tubing which transmits the initiation signal to the detonator. One end of the signal tube is crimped into the detonator shell, and the other end is closed off by an ultrasonic seal.
Neo is Orica’s brand for environmentally friendly, sustainable initiation systems products. The Neo range of Exel™ nonelectric detonators is manufactured using a lead-free
Exel™ LP detonators from Orica Sweden use the NPED (Non Primary Explosives Detonator) technology and are therefore free of lead azide, with Exel™ also free of any other lead compounds in the pyrotechnic delay compositions or within the detonator. 

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Surface, Quarry & Construction
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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