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Centric™ Magnasplit™ 1-4  

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In many kinds of blasting work, it is important for the blast to break in such a way that the remaining rock surface incurs the least possible damage. To help achieve this, Orica supplies a series of tube charges of different dimensions and strengths, based on nitroglycol-bearing powder formula.

Centric™ Magnasplit™ indicates the strength of the formula, with 1 indicating the highest strength and 4 the weakest strength. Since tube charges have limited resistance to water, their use is limited to relatively dry drill holes only.

Centric™ Magnasplit™ charges were developed for contour blasting. However, they are also suitable for blasting in densely built-up areas, where the risk of ground vibration calls for reduced and controlled charges in the drill holes. Another application, especially for the weaker tube charges, is dimensional-stone blasting.

Centric™ Magnasplit™ 1 is an all-round tube charge for contour blasting, smooth blasting and pre-splitting. Biggest recommended drill-hole diameter is 51 mm (2”).

Centric™ Magnasplit™ 2 is suitable for contour blasting and dimensional-stone blasting, where a somewhat reduced charge is desired compared with Centric™ Magnasplit™ 1.

Centric™ Magnasplit™ 3 is suitable for for dimensional-stone blasting. Often used in combination with Centric™ Magnasplit™ 4.

Centric™ Magnasplit™ 4 was developed for blasting labradorite, and is the weakest detonating explosive in the Orica Mining Services product range.

Centric™ Magnasplit™ 4 is used for dimensional-stone blasting, often in combination with Centric™ Magnasplit™ 3.

Market: Underground, Surface, Quarry & Construction
Product Type: Packaged Explosives

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