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uni tronic 600 - System Configurations

uni tronic 600 - System Configurations  

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Converting to the uni tronic™ 600 and other Next Generation systems has been made more efficient with software upgrades ensuring no current hardware is obsolete.

Blast Box 310
The Blast Box provides the voltage and command to fire the detonators in programmed sequence. The alternate 310R offers remote firing capability.
Scanner 120/125
A barcode scanner that reads unique ID numbers on the detonators.

Standard items

Uni tronic™ 600 Spooled Detonator

Accurate and fully programmable electronic detonator.


Duplex Harness Wire

Faster and easier to use, the duplex wire connects detonators with the Blast Box.


Uni tronic™ 600 Connector

Designed for on-bench efficiency, the new connector carries signals between the detonator and the harness wir.

SHOTPlus™ Blast Design Software

Orica’s SHOTPlus™ Blast Design Software gives printed blast plans, useful on the bench with the uni tronic™ 600 system.