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i-kon™ III Electronic Blasting System  

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Orica’s premium i-kon™ III system is the most sophisticated Electronic Blasting System on the market. i-kon™ III electronic detonators have multiple safety features that are inherent in the design of the product including spark gaps, input and bleed resistors, and the chip itself. i-kon™ III detonators can be used in conjunction with the following i-kon™ Electronic Blasting Equipment:

·      i-kon™ Logger I and Logger II

·      i-kon™ Blasters 400 & 2400S & 3000

·      i-kon™ SURBS (Surface Remote Blasting System)

·      i-kon™ CEBS (Centralised Electronic Blasting System for underground operations)


Marked Over Jord, Dagbrudd & Gruvedrift, Under Jord, Pukkverk, Anlegg
Produkt Type i-kon™ III

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