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i-kon™ II - The Next Generation

i-kon™ II - The Next Generation  

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i-kon™ II is one of three systems within the Next Generation range and is designed
to be the most advanced Electronic Blasting System in the market.

Featuring two times greater precision, three times faster programming, five times louder back signal and new user-friendly accessories, it's designed to improve reliability, precision, convenience and efficiency

The system is comprised of:

  • Blaster 400 and 2400S/2400R
  • i-kon™ Logger
  • i-kon™ II detonator
  • i-kon™ CEBS
  • i-kon™ SURBS

Developed specifically for use in high value and complex blasts at large surface and underground operations, i-kon™ II continues to set the industry benchmark in Electronic Blasting Systems.  View our brochure to learn more. 

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