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The THOR blasting machine is one of a number of blasting machines manufactured by Orica, and has functions that contribute to blast initiation safety. Two-handed operation. Blocking device in event of excessive resistance in circuit. Adapted current intensity.

Can initiate up to 50 rounds with new batteries. The machine is charged with the aid of built-in batteries and operated by means of two spring-loaded switches that short-circuit the capacitor in the rest position. Unintentional charging and initiation by means of residual charge is not possible.

Safe function of THOR is an electronic capacitor blasting-machine that is charged with the aid of built-in batteries of type Ni-MH R6 1,5 V. The charging time is approximately
15 seconds. All detonators in the round must be of the same type..


Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry, Construction, Tunnelling and Underground Construction
Product Type: Accessories

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