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SEB Course

SEB Course  

International Safe & Efficient Blasting Course 

Sweden 21-29 May 2022

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Invitation 2022

Dear Reader,

Safety is our highest priority and therefore we took the decision to cancel the annual SEB course in 2020 and 2021. However we are finally seeing a world slowly coming back to a more normal situation. Still many restrictions apply, but we are quite confident that our International Safe & Efficient Blasting Course (SEB), will go ahead during next year and we are now happy to invite you. The course will be based at Orica’s manufacturing facility in Gyttorp, Sweden. Lectures will include Orica’s Senior Technical Manager and Senior Technical Specialists in mining and tunneling.
The Safe & Efficient Blasting Course is designed for blasting professionals
including Blasting Engineers, Blasters, Shotfirers, Blasting Supervisors and
Managers of mines, quarries and construction projects. People from support functions such as supply chain and procurement who wish to get a deeper knowledge of blasting and explosives products will also benefit from the course.
The presentations and content of the Safe & Efficient Blasting Course are designed to introduce all personnel involved in the blasting process to the latest technology including Wireless Blasting System an new intellligent and efficient digital solutions. The course will enable participants to make intelligent decisions on how to optimize their blasting operations, thereby ensuring that blasting products and processes result in downstream benefits. Facts about the characteristics and applications of explosives and initiation systems as well as techniques, both in open pit and underground operations are included. We feel confident that you will benefit from and appreciate your training in the Nordics, both from a professional and social point of view.
As mentioned Safety comes first, and we will of course inform you if there will be any changes in dates. The course will include common modules applicable to all blasting, followed by parallel specialist lectures for underground and surface blasting topics. Participants are invited to choose to attend either session. The total duration of these parallel sessions is about two days.
Best wishes,
Ingemar Haslinger
Technical Lead Europe


For more information, please Contact
Kristina Json Karlsson
+46 0587 853 67