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Safety Management
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Safety Management  

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Enormous effort and money goes into safety management plans and systems and it is important to ensure the best value is obtained. Orica have been world leaders in safety management systems for decades and have the experience to review customer plans and systems and assist in their optimisation.

We provide a range of auditing services including :

  • On bench practices
  • Significant Risk · Magazines
  • General safety
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Specific issue auditing
  • Behavioural Safety

Risk Assessment (JSRAs)

Orica is a world leader in Risk assessments and we have put this knowledge to work in our JSA training programme and JSA system management. We actually use the term JSRA - Job Safety & Risk Assessments to more accurately reflect the risk side of the process.

We offer basic training in JSRA's and a system for managing them (basically a manual for filing JSRA's and an action management system).

Our offerings here range from basic 1 day training sessions for groups of 5 - 10 participants to setting up the Management System (manual) and integrating it into the customers safety management system to managing the whole risk assessment process for the customer (what to assess, by who, level of assessments etc). Note. If more detailed Risks Assessments are required we will forward recommendations on to Orica Engineering Shared Services.