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Nelson Brothers, LLC
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Nelson Brothers, LLC  

Nelson Brothers, LLC provides superior services and technical solutions to open pit mining customers in the eastern portion of the United States by utilizing advanced explosives loading systems, quality products, and leading-edge technical engineering support.


The UNI Tronic 500 is an Electronic Blasting System incorporating the latest Orica Technology. The system is safe, reliable, field proven and was developed as a low cost EBS alternative to serve the large volume detonator usage markets. Designed with focus on ease of use and practicality, the UNI Tronic 500 system offers:

  • Detonator ID bar code and scanner technology
  • A “passive” system design by which no energy is introduced into the system during hole loading and detonator scanning
  • Scanner-blast box “docking” design for simple efficient downloading of detonator information into the blast box
  • Blast box design protocol incorporating constant monitoring of circuit continuity and detonator communication verification during system power-up process
  • Pinpoint timing accuracy with increments of one-millisecond up to a maximum of 10,000 milliseconds

Contact Details

820 Shades Creek Parkway, Suite 2000

Birmingham, Alabama 35209

Phone:  (205) 414-2900 - Fax: (205) 802-5312