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Connecting Wire
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Connecting Wire  

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Available in a variety of spool sizes.  Easy to handle size to large "No-Tangle" Buckets.
Description Item Number
Copper - Single 21 GA/100 m/40 spools per case XCWS100
Copper - Single 21 GA/200 m/32 spools per case XCWS200
Copper - Duplex 21 GA/50 m/40 spools per case XCWD50
Copper - Duplex 21 GA/100 m/24 spools per case XCWD100
Copper - Duplex 21 GA/200 m/9 spools per case XCWD200
Copper - Duplex 21 GA/300 m/4 spools per case XCWD300
Copper - Duplex 21 GA Orange/1500 m/1 spool XCWD1500
Iron - Duplex 23 GA 2 lb/133 m/25 spools per case XCWDI125
Copper - Single 20 GA/728 m/1 spool    XCWS202LB
Copper - Duplex Pail 20 GA/100 m/1 spool XCWDPAIL
Copper - Duplex 20 GA/100 m/1 spool XCWD1000
Copper - Duplex 20 GA 2 lb/66 m/24 spools per case XCWD202LB
Copper - Duplex 20 GA 5 lb/166 m/9 spools per case XCWD205LB