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BEX Model P Loader
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BEX Model P Loader  

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ANFO loader for loading holes from 1 1/8" diameter to 2 1/2" (32 mm to 65 mm) in hold depths up to 35 ft (11 meters).  Three element sizes are available depending on the size of the boreholes and the hose used.
PA:  Should be used for holes 1 1/8" - 1 1/4" diameter.  Loading hose 5/8", recommended hose length 25 ft (8 meters)
PB:  Should be used for holes 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" diameter.  Loading hose 3/4", recommended hose length 25 ft (8 meters)
PC:  Should be used for holes 1 1/2" and larger diameter.  Loading hose 1", recommended hose length 35 ft (11 meters)
  • Fast and easy loading
  • Portable, weighs only 11 lbs (5 Kg)
  • Strong, rigid, fixed legs for stability
  • Seven foot (2.1 meter) control hose permits one-man operation
  • 50 Lb (25 Kg) hopper capacity of ANFO
  • Easy to maintain

Description Item Number
BEX Loader Model PA 5/8" XBEXLD.625
BEX Loader Model PB 3/4" XBEXLD.75
BEX Loader Model PC 1" On Request
Hopper XBEXPT1
Ajustable Carrying Strap XBEXPT13
Strap Bracket with Loop XBEXPT14
Front Inside Plate XBEXPT17
Rear Inside Plate XBEXPT18
Front Leg Assembly XBEXPT19
Rear Leg Assembly XBEXPT20
Wing Nut XBEXPT21
Control Hose - Complete XBEXPT22
Control Valve - Complete XBEXPT23P
Ejector Body XBEXPT31P
Body Screen Holder XBEXPT32P
Body Screen XBEXPT33P
Rubber Body Disc XBEXPT34P
Body Disc Insert


Body Valve Cover XBEXPT36P
Valve Cover Screws XBEXPT37P
Element Retainer Nut XBEXPT39P
Ejector Element, Type PA 5/8" XBEXPT41PA
Ejector Element, Type PB XBEXPT41PB
Ejector Element, Type PC 1" XBEXPT41PC
O-Ring Seal XBEXPT44P
Ejector Elements, Type PAX and PBX XBEXPT47