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Orica Blasthole Charger 120 and 250
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Orica Blasthole Charger 120 and 250  

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Each BHC is certified for the province, state, or country where it will be operated in.  The vessels are all pressure tested, welded to the present ASME Section 8 Division I code and soaked in an acid bath to remove carbon steel residue after welding.
Completely fabricated of stainless steel components.  This Blasthole Charger has an internal dome valve that automatically closes when air is applied to the vessel making it safe to use.  No need to hold the valve up manually to pressurize the vessel, therefore less chances of air or ANFO being blown out through the top opening.  The process for fabricating the valve ensures a perfect semi-spherical form to ensure a good seal that is repeated on all of  BHC's.
All edges are smoth and the vessel fabrication is optimized to remove edges where ANFO can hang-up.
The fluidizing system is optimized to provide efficient flow of the ANFO through the loading hose.
Description Item Number
Roll Pin XBHCPT01D
Automatic Piston and Joint XBHCPT01E
Socket Head Screw Cap XBHCPT01F
Automatic Cylinder    50110482
Universal Joint S.S. XBHCPT01H
1/2" Hose Stem & Nut XBHCPT02A
1/2" Rubber Air Hose 50110487
120 Tank Only with Integral Parts XBAYCAR120A
250 Tank Only with Integral Parts XBHCTK250
S.S. Screen    XBHCPT03G
Quick Exhaust Valve       XBHCPT05
Pressure Regulator with Gauge XBHCPT05
Sarco "Y" Strainer XBHCPT07
1/2" S.S. Ball Valve XBHCPT09
1/2" S.S. Check Valve    XBHCPT10
1 1/2" S.S. Feed Valve    XBHCPT11
Repair Kit for PT11 XBHCPT11A
S.S. Discharge Elbow XBHCPT13
1" S.S. Female Hose Quick Connector    XBHCPT13A
1" S.S. Male Hose Quick Connector XBHCPT13B
3/4" Male Hose Quick Connector XBHCPT13C
1/2" Male Hose Connector XBHCPT13D
S.S. Male Hose Connector 5/8" XBHCPT13E
S.S. Male Hose Connector 3/4" XBHCPT13F
S.S. Male Hose Connector 1" XBHCPT13G
Stand for Model 120 and 250    XBHCPT14B
Control Panel with Clamps, Pin, Chain (old style) XBHCPT15
Control Panel (new style) UP000710
Control Panel Complete (new style) XBHCPT15A
Control Panel Complete (old style) UP002045
O Rings XBHCPT17
Pressure Guage Cover XBHCPT18

Pressure Regulator   

Pressure Gauge XBHCPT28
Complete 120 Blasthole Charger, includes single outllet dischage assembly and control panel and standard stand XBHC120
Complete 250 Blasthole Charger, includes single outlet discharge assembly and control panel and standard stand XBHC250
Complete 60 Blasthole Charger, includes single outlet discharge assembly and control panel and standard stand XHBC60