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Penberthy Anoloder
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Penberthy Anoloder  

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The Penberthy Anoloder is a venturi/pneumatic jet loader powered by 30 to 110 psi air pressure for ANFO.  This unit is light weight and can be used as a one-man operation.
  • Canvas strap for portability
  • Hopper holds 50 lbs (25Kg) of ANFO
  • Materials and construction are:  Polyethylene hopper, aluminum legs, and stainless steel screen
  • Available in three models to suit the size of the boreholes
  • Easy to maintain
  • No necessary field adjustments
      Description Part No. Item Number
      ANOLODER complete w/ 5/8" Cart. eject. 4D62P XAN4D62
      ANOLODER complete w/ 3/4" Cart. eject. 4D75P XAN4D75
      ANOLODER complete w/ 1" Cart. eject. 4D100P XAN4D100
      Carrying Strap          25 XANPT25
      Container 1 XANPT1
      Container Screen    26 XANPT26
      Control Valve Complete with Hose 2 XANPT2
      Ejector - Complete 6 XANPT6
      Ejector Air Strainer    11 XANPT11
      Ejector Air Strainer Retg Ring    12 XANPT12
      Ejector Bonnet    7 XANPT7
      Ejector Cartridge 5/8" 16 XANPT16
      Ejector Cartridge 3/4" 17 XANPT17
      Ejector Cartridge 1" 18 XANPT18
      Ejector Cartridge Retaining Nut 14 XANPT14
      Ejector Cartridge Ring    13 XANPT13
      Ejector Grounding Lug Bolt 23 XANPT23
      Ejector Grounding Lug Nut 24 XANPT24
      Ejector Main Body 22 XANPT22
      Ejector Mounting Bolts 15 XANPT15
      Ejector Piston Valve Spring 8 XANPT8
      Ejector Piston Valve 9 XANPT9
      Ejector Piston Ring    10 XANPT10
      Ejector Repair Kit (7 to 15 parts)    E-KIT XANEKIT
      Grounding Strip (in) 35 XANPT35
      Grounding Strip (out) 36 XANPT36
      Leg Only 27 XANPT27
      Leg Bolt 28 XANPT28
      Loading Hose 5/8" (25 ft) 3 XANPT3
      Loading Hose 4/3" (25 ft) 4 XANPT4
      Loading Hose 1" (25 ft) 5 XANPT5
      Loading Hose Clamp 33 XANPT33
      Remote Control Valve Complete 29 XANPT29
      Remote Control Hose with Fittings 30 XANPT30
      Remote Control Hose (15') with Fittings 30A XANPT30A
      Remote Control Hose Ferrule 31 XANPT31
      Remote Control Hose Fittings 32 XANPT32