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uni tronic™ 600 - Delivering Solutions
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uni tronic™ 600 - Delivering Solutions  

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Smaller Open Cut Coal mines

Shovel and Dragline Productivity

Through accurate cast and fragmentation, you can deliver muckpile shapes which improve bucket fill, reduce material handling and positively impact your bottom line.

Environmental Control

As you optimise every aspect of mining, you can’t afford to lose environmental controls. With electronic precision, you can minimise vibration, control airblast and reduce post-blast dust to ensure better community relations.

Resource Maximisation

Improving coal recovery rates will maximise resource value. With precise timing you can fire multi layer blasts that reduce the number of drill and blast cycles maximising your fleet productivity.

Smaller Open Cut Metal mines

Wall Control

Maintaining wall integrity is essential to the safe operation and recovery of metaliferous deposits. You can also achieve lower stripping ratios, improved production, reduced risk and lower wall rehabilitation costs.

Shovel Productivity

The size of blasted rock can make all the difference to your mill productivity. Through improved fragmentation, you can improve your digging, hauling and throughput efficiency.

Environmental Control

Community relations is critical when it comes to your licence to operate and there’s rarely such a thing as good vibrations. Blasting close to communities and infrastructure can be optimised with electronic timing.

Quarry and Construction

Quarry Environmental Control

When your neighbours are close, you rely on precise timing to predict and manage your blast vibrations. With so much at stake, accuracy is everything.

Quarry Shovel Loader Productivity

Optimising productivity in quarries is critical to a successful operation. Optimising fragmentation to avoid oversize and fines is a critical step in running an efficient operation.

Construction Risk Management

Controlling vibration and airblast on road, dam, building, trench, harbour or pipeline projects is essential. You can reduce risk and improve project completion with the precision of electronic timing.