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Detagel™ Presplit  

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DETAGEL® PRESPLIT is one continuous line of High Explosive Hexamine Nitrate Slurry per case. It contains a continuous line of detonating cord inside the entire length. This ensures steady velocity through the shear line, producing a straight wall cut to as high a degree as allowed by geology.

Detagel™ Presplit is cost effective. The purchase price of the product is the total product cost. No need to add cord, tape, couplers, makeup labor or additional accessories. Each case contains splicing ties for attaching string loads. Detagel™ Presplit can be easily loaded by one person. The inclusive nature of the product allows for ease of job cost estimation.

The ideal solution for:

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Construction cuts

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Bank Retention and slopes

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Underground Perimeter Blasting

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And other special applications

DETAGEL® PRESPLIT: Ease of handling, ease of loading, cost effective and RELIABLE & PROVEN. STABLE IN STORAGE – shelf life 1 year

Market: Underground, Surface, Quarry & Construction
Product Type: Packaged Explosives

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